Qudo 10mm Tondo Stainless Steel Ring Top - Light Silk

Qudo 10mm Tondo Stainless Steel Ring Top - Light Silk

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This Qudo Famosa 10mm Tondo top has a Light Silk Swarovski gem in a stainless steel case. You can match your ring to any outfit by changing the ring top. Hand Made in Germany. Includes a branded Qudo Packaging.

Qudo is a highly collectable range that taps into the current global trends for stackable and interchangeable jewellery. Qudo combines ingenious design and expert German craftsmanship with a huge kaleidoscope of fabulously colourful gem tops including Swarovski crystals.

These can be mixed and matched to create brilliant and bespoke collections to suit any mood and wardrobe. The clever bit is the easy interchanging of gem tops for a fun, personalised and quick way of swapping and combining colours and styles across rings, bangles, leather bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Simply twist screwing gem tops off and on to transform or update a look.